Are You Emotionally Ready?

How Will You Spend Your Time?

We talk a lot about being financially prepared for retirement, but it's not your sole consideration. You also need to think about lifestyle issues.

You'll no longer have the routine of going to work. What will you do every day? Do you want to travel, garden, read the complete works of Shakespeare, or watch more TV? Or would you like a "second" career, such as starting your own business, taking part-time work, or volunteering?

Where Will You Live?

Many people rethink their living situation when they retire. What about you? Do you want to stay in your current home or downsize? Are you considering a move to a different (warmer) part of the country?

Wherever you plan to live, make sure your home is senior friendly. You can retro-fit your home with senior-friendly features. Consider doing so before you need them. You may actually find that making your house senior-friendly could make things more comfortable and convenient even through you're not a senior.

You should look at how senior friendly your neighborhood is, too. Could you still get around if you couldn't drive a car and/or were in a wheelchair. What seems like a great place to live now may not be very suitable when you're 80.

Take Care of Your Health

You'll want to enjoy that retirement you've worked so hard to achieve. So be sure to see your doctor periodically and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Considering that you may have better healthcare insurance now, it's beneficial to take care of potential problems earlier rather than putting them off until later.

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