Welcome to the New Standard in 403(b), 457(b), and 401(a) Third Party Administration

Guidance for

Types of Plans

  •  403(b) plans - Working for a public school, college, hospital, or nonprofit organization?
  •  457(b) plans - Working for the state, local government or certain tax-exempt employers?
  •  Governmental 401(a) plans - Working for the state, county, or the local government (including public education institutions)?
  •  401(k) plans - Working for a for-profit company, nonprofit organization, or public education institution?

Learning Center

  •  How to guides - for enrolling, changing allocations, making withdrawals, and using many important features of your plan
  •  Tools and calculators - to help you see the all-important numbers needed to build a retirement strategy
  •  Glossary - when you need the definition of an important term or concept
  •  FAQs - which go over some of the finer points that plan participants ask about most often
PlanConnect® has reinvented the TPA to meet the complex needs of plan sponsors and their plan's participants.
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PlanConnect® makes it easy for you to enroll in, manage and take maximum advantage of your 403(b) and/or 457(b) plan account.
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PlanConnect® ensures that the experience you and your clients have with us is informative, effective, and efficient.
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